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SD73 United Way Employee Campaign

Your payroll donation of $5 - $15 or more per payday, will help power the United Way's crucial work, allowing them to target funds and mobilize on-the-ground efforts to tackle poverty, support kids and build resilient communities. 

The total amount you donate per payday will vary depending on your employee group (some people have more paydays per year than others). If you have questions about payroll donations, please contact the SD73 payroll department,

To enroll your payroll donation, or if you wish to donate using your credit card, please fill out this form and submit it.

For cash and cheque donations, please contact Director of Finance, Robbie Tallon or Payroll Supervisor, Candice Fleming, or (250.374.0679)

Thank you for your donation.

Your gift will be directed to where it is needed most in community, unless specified in preferences below

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